Saturday, September 01, 2007


The Alternative Path to Mobile Commerce

What does it take to change the game in mobile commerce? Most companies have focused on ways to cater to mobile devices, with their inherent hardware and software limitations. Europe and Japan are light years ahead of the US in this area, however their mobile commerce activities are limited in scope and require significant hardware and software infrastructure.

So, what is it going to take for mobile commerce to really take off? After spending an hour with my wife's new iPhone the other night, I now know the answer. Beyond the unflinching cool factor, something struck me almost immediately as I surfed around on our home wi-fi network. With its impressive browsing capabilities, some far superior to desktop browsers, one could easily engage in normal ecommece activities on normal non-mobile web sites.

To test this theory, I timed a mock purchase with the iPhone and my laptop on one of our client's site. Even as a total newbie to the iPhone interface, I was able to complete the transaction in just two and a half minutes longer than my laptop. If I had tried it on my Blackjack, I would still be trying to get my credit card data entered as I write this.

Sure, buying a soda via Bluetooth from a vending machine would be fun and cool. But shopping for some new tires for my car while on the bus home would actually be useful and a time saver. I ask, what is the faster, more efficient way to foster mobile commerce in the United States? Massive infrastructure investments, or making iPhone like appliances the new standard and as ubiquitous as a camera phone?


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